The network of HVP Country Nodes is constantly growing; there are currently more than 22 Country Nodes formally established around the world. They exist in all regions of the world – Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas and the Middle East. The work of a Country Node is carried out by dedicated individual Human Variome Project members coming from more than 85 countries.

HVP Country Nodes are a vital piece of the Human Variome Project data sharing story. They are defined by their activities, namely:

  • How they identify, collect, store and share data, and
  • How they are organized and governed

While HVP Country Nodes can vary from country to country, they have many things in common including certain things they need to do to function well. In this section you will find practical advice on how to set up an HVP Country Node plus useful information, tips and tools to guide the operation of a Node.

The information is organised around the following topics:

  1. What is an HVP Country Node?
  2. Setting up an HVP Country Node
  3. Operating an HVP Country Node
  4. Governance of the HVP Country Node Network
  5. Making progress—planning for future development
  6. Applying to become an HVP Country Node
  7. Help Available
  8. Other links