Governance of the HVP Country Node Network

HVP Country Nodes do not work in isolation, they are part of a network to exchange information, work collaboratively on common projects and develop policies, Standards and Guidelines.

To facilitate these processes, the Human Variome Project has established the International Confederation of Countries Advisory Committee (ICCAC).

ICCAC is a formal representative body of the Human Variome Project Consortium and contributes to the operation of the Human Variome Project. Specifically, the role of the ICCAC is to:

  1. Promote and develop the work of HVP Country Nodes – through active participation in meetings and relevant official Working Groups; by representing the Human Variome Project at various national and international fora
  2. Contribute to the development of official Human Variome Project documentation including Activity Proposals, Standards, Guidelines, The Human Variome Project Solution Blueprint and the Project Roadmap
  3. Provide information on their Node’s activities for Human Variome Project reports and publications
  4. Take an active role in the expansion of the network of HVP Country Nodes by providing guidance for other Consortium Members in initiating, developing, financing and operating their Nodes. This also includes contributing to creating regional networks and developing/developed country partnerships for knowledge sharing and capacity building
  5. Provide guidance and advice to the International Scientific Advisory Committee and Human Variome Project Board on matters concerning national and regional collection and sharing of genetic variation information.